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ASO Discography 1991-1992

Store date: 13 September 1991

ASO discography_1991-1992_front

Here is another example of our promotion-ising with the classical music organizations in town, this time with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. This was indeed one of our earliest such ventures – if not the earliest (check out the date) – but it appears to have been thought through fairly well.

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Yoko Ono Xmas Message promo CD

Store date: 25 December 1991

booklet front cover

Here’s a promo CD from Rykodisc, released in late 1991. The record label was prepping to release a gigantic (six CD) Yoko Ono boxed set in early 1992.

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Matt Nathanson in-store photos

Store date: 8 November 2003

Matt Nathanson in-store 110803a

Matt Nathanson had been getting lots of play on Reg’s Coffeehouse around this time. We were offered an in-store with him, and I accepted knowing next to nothing about him outside of the two or three tracks I’d heard on the radio. And we were carrying the When Everything Meant Everything EP that Scott Register had been borrowing the songs from.

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A “Suggested” Jazz Top 10 List

Store date: post-2000

Jazz Top 10 sale list_order card back
I would always have a little fun when it came time to put together promotions, especially when it allowed the store to practice its role as a purveyor of “taste.” Fact is, we all listened to a LOT of music, so it made sense that we might be able to tell customers which albums were worth their time both objectively and subjectively. These ten discs were most likely arrayed along the sale wall near the front door of the store, and got plenty of coveted in-store air time during (and surely after) the promotional period.

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“The Edge” playlist for 1 November 1992

Store date: 1 November 1992

Edge Playlist_110192a

Edge Playlist_110192b

Above, the playlist for “The Edge,” but without Coyote J…could this have been the beginning of the end? Who was this “Will,” whose idea of “dark wave” was the chirpy “Revolution Earth” by The B-52’s?

I jest, surely. Coyote J today still spins his creepy dark tunes via the internet. At the moment, his weekly show is being hosted at Also, there is a very informative and entertaining page devoted to him on Wikipedia.

“The Edge” playlist for 18 October 1992

Store date: 18 October 1992

Edge Playlist_101892

Above, the playlist for “The Edge,” broadcast on October 18th of 1992.

“The Edge” playlist for 11 October 1992

Store date: 11 October 1992

Edge Playlist_101192

Above, the playlist for “The Edge,” broadcast on October 11th of 1992.


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