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Willie vs. Zimmie

20 October 2010

Store date: 16 May 2003

It was a really, really big deal the year that both Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson were scheduled to play Birmingham’s City Stages music festival (May 16-18, 2003).  Like most years, we at Laser’s Edge would attempt to capitalize on the festival and the attendant rise in interest in all things musical.  That particular year, our friends at Sony Music were also excited, seeing as they are the purveyors of the entire back catalogs of both of these legendary artists.  They put together a banner, taller than any man, to hang in our front window.  I had given them specific instructions to not let it read as “Dylan Willie” anywhere, as it was just a short step from there to the more anatomical “Dylan’s Willie.”  It just sounded too comical – and music is a serious business, right?

Here is what we got:

Mr. Bruce Sullivan deserves credit for this ingenious, hilarious artwork, but no one is giving him props for his spelling prowess (“perofming”).


This post originally appeared in slightly different form at Spitball Army on 15 May 2008.

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