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Larry Goldings & Brad Mehldau key chains

29 October 2010

Store date: 26 September 1995

Warner Brothers’ jazz department released the label debuts of organist Larry Goldings and pianist Brad Mehldau on the same day in September of 1995. (Are you paying attention?)

Goldings’ Whatever It Takes and Mehldau’s Introducing Brad Mehldau showcased the talents of these two young keyboard prodigies. (Do you notice it yet?)

Cleverly, the Warner PR folks decided to create¬†some promotional tchotchkes that tied in to the specific talents of these two artists, and that read: “Key New Jazz Artist.” (Groans all around.)

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  1. Dear Fred,

    Wow. Had no idea about the keychains for Larry and Brad (also didn’t realize their albums were released on the same day). If you have more, or if you want to lighten your load, we would love to have one as a memento for Larry. We do have some stuff from those days with WB (mostly CDs, altho’ I think we have an LP of Whatever It Takes somewhere).

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello, Christine –

    Glad you found this post and some unknown info about Larry. Of course, you can have the key chain. I’ll e-mail you off-site.

    Fred O.

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