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Donovan’s Sutras CD

22 November 2010

Store date: 14 October 1996

Often, artists used to make the rounds to the regional distribution centers when they had albums coming out, or when they were on the road touring to support those new albums. For whichever reason, Donovan Leitch (yes, THAT Donovan), visited the Atlanta branch of Warner/Elektra/Atlantic (WEA) that serviced our store around the time of Sutras‘ release. The lovely Barbara Carr (my WEA sales representative at the time) scored this amazing and rare personalized autograph for me.

Barbara attached a Post-it note to the back of the booklet cover:

So I guess it’s safe to assume that it was well after the 14 October release date that I received this disc. But, in an “everything’s relative” kind of way, that is nothing: today, while writing this post, is the first time I have listened to it. That’s fourteen years of dormant shelf time. If it were dry goods in the kitchen, this compact disc would have rotted many times over.┬áStill sounds fresh to me, though.


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  1. Van permalink

    Interesting. I didn’t know Donovan did anything much beyond the 60’s. Are the tracks newly penned for that release?

    One wonders, is Donovan one of those artists who got screwed by their recording contract?…. like only getting paid for albums and cassettes and 8-tracks but no mention of CDs and hence, no payment?

  2. Dunno about Donovan’s contractual history. He did seem to just disappear from the scene, though. Aside from Sutras and a children’s album, I’m not familiar with anything by him after he peaked in the early ’70s.

    This album is really solid, if very subdued. Rick Rubin produced it, soon after he started producing Johnny Cash records. Like those, it is very spare. There is a Wikipedia page devoted to Sutras (, and written awkwardly at points).

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