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2nd Anniversary peace plant

24 November 2010

Store date: 29 June 1993

For several years, my mother would send a peace plant to the store on the anniversary of its opening.* This card was attached to the gift in 1993. One year a plastic pinwheel-with-gnome was inserted into the basket holding the peace plant. That pinwheel eventually made its way to my back yard.

A few months ago, I accidentally destroyed the pinwheel when I turned around abruptly while holding the weed-whacker (which was going full bore).

*Her annual anniversary peace plants stopped coming around the year 2000 which, incidentally, was the year that I acquired sole ownership of the business. I asked her once about this, and she explained that – in her mind – after 2000, June 29th was no longer the store anniversary. Hmm…as if the anniversaries would have to start anew once ownership changed hands. That’s “Mom logic.” But, realizing also that I never received a peace plant from her on the new ownership anniversary after the year 2000, I assumed there was probably some other reason. I may have mentioned to her that one of the store employees groused on multiple occasions that there were “too many damn peace plants” in the space. That would have soured me on gifting any more of them, too.

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