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The Great Kaiser

26 November 2010

Store date: unknown

I wish that I had a nickel for every time someone would come up to me while I was minding the store and say something like this: What a great job you have, listening to music all day, getting free CDs in the mail, et cetera.

The flood of promotional discs was indeed a great perk to the job. Quite a few of those CDs went unopened and unheard, though. The ones that rarely stood a chance of that ignoble fate, however, were the ones that were hand-delivered to us, usually by local artists, many of whom we had come to know as customers first.

The CD pictured above fit into the latter category.  The man known as The Great Kaiser did visit the store from time to time and was a classical music fan.  Then, one day, a burly fellow introducing himself as Dr. Johnny Peebles III [“his professional and copyrighted name” – see the reader comment below] came by and dropped off this disc featuring a cover drawing of him standing beside The Great Kaiser.  The Great Kaiser was posing in an intimidating luchadore crouch, situated slightly forward from promoter Peebles: an “American Gothic” stance from some parallel universe where On the Waterfront takes place in Veracruz instead of Hoboken.  Inside was an unmarked CD that contained only one track lasting barely over 90 seconds.  The musical content was a dissonant surprise, by which I mean ‘cognitive dissonance.’  It seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with the picture on the cover.

For me to try to explain the relationship between the seemingly disparate elements of wrestling and music that this CD hinted at would deprive you of the pleasure of discovering it for yourself at The Great Kaiser’s own website (which you can find here).  But I will share with you what I heard when I put his CD on the store system that day.  Be sure to listen through to the end for the big finish:

I don’t think that there was ever a suggestion from DJP3 that we would sell this disc.  I don’t remember knowing at the time if there was more where that had come from.  But, without his having dropped off the CD, I might never have known about “Luciano Pavarotti’s answer to wrestling,” who lived – and, I believe, is still living – right here in my own backyard.


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  1. Becky Elder permalink

    Dr. Peebles really enjoyed your post! However, he would appreciate your expanding his name to read “Dr. Johnny Peebles, III,” his professional and copyrighted name. Thanks so much.

  2. John English permalink

    This made me smile. Thanks, Fred.

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