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The Damnwells Bastards of the Beat poster

4 December 2010

Store date: 6 April 2004

When The Damnwells’ Bastards of the Beat came out on 6 April 2004 – for the second time – the label prepared the attendant promotional materials.  There were postcards, or counter cards (because who actually ever uses those cards to send messages through the postal system?).  And there was this poster.

We loved this band, and they visited Birmingham on several occasions.  The folks in this town loved them, too.  Their presence on the scene here was stoked by regular play on Reg’s Coffeehouse, a weekly radio show that occupied the Sunday morning airwaves.  But big success was elusive to the Brooklyn band, and Bastards didn’t sell too well outside of pockets such as ours.  Perhaps if Red Ink (the record label) had spelled the name of the band correctly on the poster…?

The Damnwells signed this poster for me at one of the distribution offices.  Clockwise, from the upper left and below the Fred Rocks!! inscription, are the signatures of Alex Dezen, Steven Terry, David Chernis, and Ted Hudson.


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