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The Badlees’ b-sides

17 December 2010

Store date: 25 October 1999

The (sort of) annual CD Samplers that Laser’s Edge produced were on hiatus for a couple of years between 1999 and 2002 while the store ownership configuration changed slightly and I dealt (somewhat badly) with the death of my father. At the beginning of that period, the record label Ark21 contacted me about one of their new bands, The Badlees.

Ark21 were in the process of releasing The Badlees’ Up There, Down Here.  They were eager to participate in the Sampler program, and were enthusiastic to the point of offering me a choice of three unreleased tracks: a live version of an album cut and two songs that weren’t on the release. They had no way of knowing that I was a fan of the band’s 1995 album, River Songs.  But there just wasn’t a Sampler on the schedule at the time – I doubt that a schedule even existed during that dark period, to be honest – and the Badlees fell through the cracks.

Too bad, really, because the three tracks I had been offered on the CD the label sent were all terrific, and any one of them would have been a perfect fit for a Laser’s Edge Sampler.  By the time the planning began on what would be our next (and 2002 NARM Award winning) Sampler, The Badlees had moved on from Ark21, and that album was no longer being actively promoted.  That’s how it rolls in the music business.

“Don’t Let Me Hide” (live)

“Take Her Back Home” (unreleased song)

“Spark the Blue Moon” (unreleased song)


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