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Anniversary Sticker Solicitation Fail

20 December 2010

Poor Steve: the victim of outdated records, but saved from the pain of a repetitive motion injury from signing hundreds of thousands of other outdated solicitations by the technical miracle of a printable facsimile of his first name’s signature.

This was received in my post office box on 15 December 2010, on the nearly 3rd anniversary of the closing of Laser’s Edge. In the parlance of the current day, it’s an #epicfail. I’ve also continued to get the solicitation books from RED Distribution, even though I let all of our distributors know that they need no longer send them. And I continue to get a massive credit statement from another one of my old distributors, even though they’ve already written me a check for that balance, and years ago…I wonder how they would react if I asked them for the balance in check form again?

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