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Taylor Hicks signing (VIP pass)

23 December 2010

Store date: 10 March 2007

This lanyard ID was worn by store staff, the promotional folks from Sony Music and security (those who weren’t wearing Homewood Police uniforms) at a CD signing event with Taylor Hicks.

‘All Access’ in a store that was just barely 1500 square feet in size didn’t really give us that much more to access than our guests could. But this was a nice little swaggy touch by our Sony reps (led by Jeff Lee), who worked very, very hard to make this day run smoothly (and, despite everyone’s best efforts, the results were decidedly mixed).

Do you want this item?  Just e-mail me at spitballarmy (at) aol (dot) com.  We can work something out.


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  1. Claudia Collins permalink

    I, for one, greatly enjoyed it. Everyone associated with Laser’s Edge was wonderful.

  2. chill permalink

    I agree, it was so much fun and everyone was so nice. I have a couple Laser’s Edge posters that I’m having framed for my office. I miss record stores and I miss records.

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