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ASC Parking Passes

9 January 2011

Store date: early 2000’s

For several years while owning Laser’s Edge, I was on the Advisory Board of the Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center on the UAB campus.  I was most active there as a member of the programming committee, where my most notable accomplishment was haranguing the Center’s director to book Diana Krall.*

One of the nice perks of being on the Board was that members were each given parking passes for the nearby lot.  (Did I mention that all Board members were season ticket subscribers and also, theoretically, munificent donors to this non-profit arts organization?)  Pictured above are four of the parking passes I was given during my tenure there.  I wonder if they still work.  Hmm, doubtful.

*I was told on each occasion that she wasn’t “sellable” or well-known enough, despite the fact that she’d been nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy in 1999.  What did I know, anyway?  Then, after I left the Board, she was booked to headline the ASC’s annual benefit gala in 2008 (four months after my store closed), and I’m told it was a big success.


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