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Entertainment Weekly: “Taylor Made”

2 February 2011

Store date: 21 July 2006

Here is one of countless small articles written during Taylor Hicks’ run on American Idol.  This one from Entertainment Weekly actually mentioned Laser’s Edge by name (a direct attribution that Taylor himself seemed unable to make in his fan memoir, Heart Full of Soul).  It was tacked on the office bulletin board and, prior to that, in the glass-enclosed kiosk outside the front door of the store.

Anyone who has followed the Taylor Hicks saga closely on the fan boards since its beginning will notice a handful of fairly dramatic references within this short piece, including:

  • The eBay scalping of Taylor’s early releases;
  • Producer Will Smith’s Nashville Sessions CD;
  • The early supporter website (which is now inactive…and what ever happened to webmaster Brian Latchford?).

It was great to have the store mentioned in a positive way by name in a national magazine, especially one with the huge circulation of EW. We received a new wave of phone calls and e-mails based on this sidebar alone.

(Click twice on the image above to get an easily-readable, larger version of the scan.)

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  1. Thanks for pulling this out of the archives, Fred. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this article. It’s cool that Laser’s Edge was mentioned by name! As far as Brian and his whereabouts, I haven’t a clue.

  2. Ange Bleu permalink

    This is something I’ve never seen before. Very informative & interesting article. Thanks.

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