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Sidewalk Film Festival program ad

8 February 2011

Store date: 20 September 2002

First, I just want to say how much I love this ad. I LOVE IT!

The half-page ad (on the right) was in the program for the 4th annual Sidewalk Film Festival in the Fall of 2002. I can’t imagine that the incredibly creative people at Sidewalk didn’t know what they were doing when they placed our ad and the similarly-themed ad for WBHM side-by-side. “Fill your head” and “Stick it in your ear.” That’s perfect and, at first glance, they almost seem to be parts of the same ad (“It’s Your Head…Stick It in Your Ear.”). This is one of those rare instances when adjacent advertisements work to enhance each other. And how cool to be in that symbiotic relationship with one’s local public radio station.

Much of the credit for this ad goes to Ben Burford, who designed the graphic from my tag line. We had been designing program and newsprint ads with a similar feel (bold graphic above white space above contact information) for our Alabama Symphony Orchestra programs and for the local weekly Black & White. I believe this is the first one we did in color. I had been working on “Stick It in Your Ear” ideas for an upcoming CD Sampler and wanted to tie the ads and Sampler project together. This was our first such result.

I felt very skittish about using that suggestive tag line, thinking it might offend some of our tenderer clientele. I think I was especially concerned about using it in our advertising with the fine arts organizations (ASO, Stephens Center, etc.). Finally, I decided that brash and colorful was the opposite of bland; problem solved by mental framing. Of course, I never heard a complaint about it.

The “Stick It in Your Ear” Sampler came out in the Summer of 2003, and followed a bold primary color (also red and yellow) scheme. I still have the prelimary sketches.


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  1. Tish permalink

    Awesome graphics!

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