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Paste Recommends retailer list

14 February 2011

Store date: February 2007

The wedge of space between the front window of the store and the customer service counter turned out to be the perfect spot for the Paste Recommends listening station. Along with 30-ish other independent music stores in the country, we partnered with Paste Magazine to promote 12 CD titles of Paste’s chosing, changing them out bi-monthly. The general ratio of music in the station was about 50 to 60 percent known artists, and 40 to 50 percent true indie musicians (see Piers Faccini and Tobias Froberg above, for example).

We were fortunate that the list of Paste Recommends retailers (pictured above, in the ad placed within the magazine) was arranged alphabetically by state. That put Laser’s Edge at position #1, instead of right in the middle of the list, preceding New Hartford’s The Last Unicorn.

The station itself was an ingenious mash-up of layered plywood and plastic sheathing, with the necessary electronic equipment fastened front and center. The power cord ran from behind the structure to one of the electrical outlets positioned on the side of the store window’s wooden seating area. Invariably, when someone sat down hard enough there that a ripple of energy was sent across the window seat, the plug – already a loose fit in the outlet – would shake loose and the station would power down. This also happened when someone sitting there got excited by the music coming out of the headphones and started shimmying in place. Additionally, from our close vantage point across the counter, each member of the staff experienced occasional entertainment moments when a customer would spontaneously break into humming or song, which was invariably of the headphone-wearing tone-deaf variety.


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  1. Tish permalink

    🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories.

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