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Ben Kweller in-store

30 May 2011

Store date: 22 April 2004

A 23-year-old Ben Kweller visited the store while touring in support of his record On My Way. A crowd of larger-than-average size had gathered in the store to hear him play and hopefully get some face time. Ben, however, was running a little late.

When he arrived with his two-car entourage, it was revealed that the group had been enjoying a large lunch at PF Chang’s at The Summit. Bellies full of Chinese food were now slowing down the previously-scheduled pace of the day.

But Ben strode in confidently through the back door of the store. A young female fan handed him a daisy with its stem wrapped in a moist paper towel, that encased in aluminum foil. He held onto it and made his way to the performance area, where the PA system had been prepared. Ben eschewed the amplification, choosing to play acoustic guitar and use the natural power of his voice, which was perfectly adequate for the space.

Here he is singing his “Walk on Me.” He pauses midway through the song to point out the Led Zeppelin boxed set resting on the nearby rack.

And below is the briefest of video clips, but Ben’s quote from “Ice Ice Baby” is unmistakable.

After his short set, Ben Kweller visited with his fans. On the way out the back door, he paused to thank me for hosting the event and, as an impromptu gift, handed me the foil-wrapped daisy that he’d apparently held onto throughout his visit.

This post originally appeared in a different form at Spitball Army on 5 September 2009.


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