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Darden Smith Midnight Train promo CD

2 March 2013

Store date: 1991

Darden Smith_Midnight Train promo CD_front cover_RESIZED

This is a promotional CD featuring Texas singer-songwriter Darden Smith performing songs with and being interviewed by his frequent collaborator, Boo Hewerdine (the front man of the U.K. musical group The Bible). The song performances are bright, stripped-down and refreshing. Smith was relatively new on the recording scene at the time, and his exchanges with Hewerdine betray a youthful goofiness not readily apparent in his songwriting (hear the example immediately below).

Darden Smith_Midnight Train promo CD_inside

This disc came out in 1991 to promote Smith’s 1990 release Trouble No More. Though Laser’s Edge did not open until mid-1991, and I came into possession of this recording prior to that, it nonetheless played a key role in influencing the early identity of the store. We had a box of CDs we would listen to while prepping the gutted-out store space, and this was one of the frequently listened-to (along with Bobby Womack’s Lookin’ for a Love Again, an album we struggled to find in-print during the following seventeen years and sold out immediately whenever we would find it).

I lost track of Darden’s career in the mid-1990s, but was pleased to see him re-surface on my radar near the turn of the century. He later made an appearance on the store’s 2004 Another Bloomin’ Sampler with a track from his 2003 album Circo (possibly my favorite collection of his).

Darden Smith_Midnight Train promo CD_tray card

About a month ago, I sent him (@DardenSmith) a tweet, mentioning that I had come across this disc, and offering to send it to him in the case he had misplaced the one(s) he may have hung onto in the ensuing two decades, or if he merely wanted another copy. I never received a response.

Do you want this item? I don’t have a need to keep it. Just e-mail me at spitballarmy (at) aol (dot) com. We can work something out.


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