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“…one little local store…”

4 March 2013

Store date: 10 July 2007

Taylor Hicks_Heart Full of Soul_page 199

After his American Idol win, one little local boy named Taylor Hicks ghost-wrote “an inspirational memoir” with someone named David Wild. Titled Heart Full of Soul, it is basically a piece of fan merchandise that was rushed out to take advantage of the full flowering of Soul Patrol fever before it inevitably wilted.

There is a passage – less than a page – that hints at Laser’s Edge’s involvement in selling his early CDs. It’s a puzzle that the store wasn’t named explicitly in the book; perhaps that had something to do with a rumored clause in his contract that forbade him from independently selling any merchandise once the show began airing, in an attempt to prevent him from keeping any profits that could have been earned as a result of Fox’s publicity machine. This is the essence – or danger, if you will – of any so-called memoir, however: the truth is what you choose to remember or state, and if something is not mentioned, then, well, it doesn’t necessarily exist.

For a more accurate account of how the sales of Taylor Hicks’ Under the Radar occurred at Laser’s Edge, please read this post, written for this very website in 2010.

Taylor Hicks_Heart Full of Soul_page 200

Do you want this item? I REALLY don’t have a need to keep it. Just e-mail me at spitballarmy (at) aol (dot) com. We can work something out.


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