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David Wilcox’s Big Horizon

12 March 2013

Store date: 8 February 1994

Early on in the store’s history, David Wilcox was an extremely popular singer/songwriter for a sizable niche crowd in Birmingham. His appeal was completely understandable: an accessible mid-range singing voice, lyrics with universal themes, complex guitar-playing chops, pleasant clean-cut looks. At the time – and throughout the store’s association with him – it was obvious that the bulk of his fans originated from nearby Samford University, a Southern Baptist college. With this in mind, it was easy to see that Christian references could very easily be read into many of Wilcox’s lyrics. This lent him an additional “exalted” dimension beyond that of just being an extremely talented musical craftsman.

This performance was the first of three in-stores David Wilcox played at Laser’s Edge. He was touring in support of his A&M release, Big Horizon. We provided pizza for him to eat after the store event, probably from our late friend Dave Morrison’s joint, Dave’s Pizza. He ate with his full mouth open (something that one of the store staff did not shy from recalling on numerous occasions afterward); that was probably not the legacy David would have wanted to leave, although he never seemed too concerned about leaving an impression at all.

At any rate, this autographed CD is the physical evidence that I retained from David Wilcox’s 1994 visit to Laser’s Edge. I have since passed it on to a fan.


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