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“The Parting Glass”

17 March 2013

Store date: 31 October 2007

The previously and frequently mentioned Josh Ritter Halloween midnight in-store closed with a touching rendition of the traditional Irish/Scottish ballad, “The Parting Glass.”

The song, in its earliest form, dates from sometime in the 1600s, but it was used frequently in the 20th century by The Clancy Brothers (and probably many other traditional Irish musical groups) as a sentimental closing number at their concerts. It may have been this tradition that Josh had in mind when he chose to sing “The Parting Glass” on this particular evening. He has sung it on tour at other performances since and, possibly, had done so prior to this one.

Despite the false start of one verse, the tone of this performance maintains a quiet intensity, while still bearing a great amount of warmth. The pauses you hear occur as Josh stops to tip back his glass, or bottle, in this case. This was appropriate to the song, obviously. And we were all drinking that night.

Josh’s entire set was recorded by the talented Brian T. Murphy, whose own musical group, The Spots, also played a gig during the final months of Laser’s Edge. A disc of the Halloween in-store was submitted to Josh’s management at their request, for possible release as an EP, but its release did not materialize.


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