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David Garza autographed CD box set

19 March 2013

Store date: 13 July 2004

David Garza was on an extremely grass-roots tour in support of his four-disc set, A Strange Mess of Flowers. By “extremely,” I mean he was traveling solo, with seemingly everything he needed on his person or in his guitar case. The clubs he was playing were small; he had no entourage; I wondered if he was sleeping in his car.

Let me be honest: I did not know David Garza from Adam, nor had I ever listened to his music. But, when approached by the folks at Redeye about hosting a promotional in-store, I could not refuse. We had a sturdy relationship with the Redeye Distribution folks, as well as their growing family of independent labels. I would basically have done just about anything that they asked me to do. Hosting an in-store was easy, in that light. And, despite David Garza being touted frequently as “brilliant” by Scott Register – a local boutique-radio show programmer whose “If you don’t like this awesome song I’m about to play then you’re a loser” approach to broadcasting I have nearly always found distasteful – I was interested in being exposed to his music.

But, nearly nine years later, what I absolutely do not remember about David Garza’s in-store on that mid-summer Tuesday is his music. What I do remember is this:

He had finished his set, and was visiting with some fans and patrons, signing CDs and graciously accepting compliments. As he was about to pick up his guitar case and leave, a young woman came rushing through the front door of the store, frantic that she had missed David’s performance, out of breath and slightly in a panic. She approached him, OMG’ing and excitedly grateful just to see him. He very calmly took her aside and began a very intimate conversation with her. Next thing we knew, he had walked her to the back of the store, taken his guitar out of its case, and sat down cross-legged on the carpeted floor opposite her. He then proceeded to give this ecstatic young woman her own private concert.

I remember that none of us went up to them during this time, as it seemed it would be an invasion of a very private interaction.

Such was the impression of David Garza, the amazing human who also creates music, secured in my mind forever.

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