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“The Edge” playlist for 29 March 1992

30 March 2013

Store date: 29 March 1992

Edge Playlist_032992

During the very early years of its existence, Laser’s Edge struggled with ways to distinguish itself in areas that were under-served in the Birmingham market, while trying to make enough money to keep the doors open. We immediately keyed into the classical and jazz market, but – while those customers supported us robustly – we truly needed to make inroads to the pop and rock fans in the area.

Local radio personality, Coyote J. (or “Coyote Jay,” as this fax represents him…in his own hand? I always have just called him Jim.), who I had known for a couple of years while I worked part-time at another local music store, Magic Platter, had the perfect venue for this. His “The Edge” program was one-of-a-kind, featured cutting-edge, dark, alternative music that was difficult to find in stores; a totally non-mainstream program that played music of dread and gloom very late on Sunday nights into the wee early morning hours of Monday. This afforded us an opportunity that other local stores had obviously not taken advantage of, so we contracted to sponsor his radio show. As soon as we had inventory of most of the recordings that he was spinning, and he let it be known that we had, sales took off.

Part of the success of this joint venture was that Coyote was as excited about the relationship as I was. He built his playlist as autonomously as he always had, but would fax his complete track schedule to me. Thus, I knew what was potentially going to be requested by his listeners (more accurately known at this stage of his career as “followers,” and this was pre-Twitter).

Pictured above is the earliest Edge playlist fax I have [click twice on it to enlarge the text]. There are several others still in my possession that I will post here. This is an archival website, after all.

We continued this mutually-beneficial business relationship for quite some time. And, though the store has since closed, Jim continues his Edge shows via internet radio. I keep in irregular touch with him via Facebook. Times, and methods of communication, have changed.

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