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WAPI-FM advertising snafu

9 April 2013

Store date: 20 April 1992

WAPI-FM advertising snafu_detail

Soon after Laser’s Edge had signed up to sponsor Coyote J.’s “The Edge” radio program as exclusive advertisers, the not-very-organized ad execs at WAPI-FM – who, like the stereotypical radio ad execs, seemed to believe that dollars trump honor – began airing spots for the nationally-run music retail corporation Camelot Music during “our” show.

Protests from us ensued. Bo Chambers, our account representative, came into the store not long after with his boss, Frank Taylor, to see if they could re-shape our contractual arrangement in a way that would help them save face with Camelot. This, as you might have guessed, was not something in which we were very interested. However, there seemed to be some loophole that would allow WAPI to cancel our contract altogether if they got a better offer or if one of our store employees looked at them funny, so I drafted a counter-proposal, and presented it in the letter which you can read below.

WAPI-FM advertising snafu_letter 1_page 1

WAPI-FM advertising snafu_letter 1_page 2_edited

Their response was, as expected, equally stand-offish and officious.

WAPI-FM advertising snafu_letter 2_page 1_edited

WAPI-FM advertising snafu_letter 2_page 2_edited

What I know now, 21 years on, is that we DID continue to sponsor Coyote’s show, more for the quality of the programming and live promotion and steady business the show’s fans brought us than for any sense of stubborn pride, or “little guy” versus the corporations mentality.

Fact of the matter was, Camelot simply could not provide the recordings being featured on Coyote’s program, and didn’t seem to be in a “connected” relationship with the DJ in the same way that we were. So, “Amen!” for the personal touch.


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