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Mark Selby’s Dirt and in-store

21 April 2013

Store date: 19 June 2003

Mark Selby_Dirt_CD_autograph_front

Blues guitarist and singer Mark Selby came by the store on June 19th of 2003 for an in-store performance, promoting his album Dirt five months after its release on January 28th. This event was most likely organized on the Vanguard Records end by Vince Hans.

This was one of three times that I recall being absent for an artist’s visit, which I hated to be (the others being Patty Griffin and Trish Murphy). The staff related to me that there were very few people present to hear and greet Mark, but that he was gracious.

He signed the front and back covers of one of his CD booklets to me, and also signed one of the four guitars hanging on the walls of the store, which were kept around for just that particular purpose. I don’t believe that anyone took photos of the event.

Mark Selby_Dirt_CD_autograph_back

Do you want this item?  Just e-mail me at spitballarmy (at) aol (dot) com.  We can work something out.


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