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Store Pre-Opening Invitation

3 May 2013

Store date: 28 June 1991

Store Preview Invitation_front

“See d’ese.”

Get it?

CDs…see d’ese. <eye roll>

This 4¾ inch by 4¾ inch paper invitation was mailed out to several of our friends and family. By this time, the three months of space preparation, legal and financial paperwork and wrangling, and inventory set-up were coming to a close: we felt we could use a stiff drink, and that it would best be shared with those close to us. My “family” – as I am not from Birmingham, or am “from Off,” as they say in South Carolina (also not my home state) – were the folks from the Psychology department at UAB, where I had departed earlier in the year to embark on this insane music biz venture.

The design for this piece was conceived by Ben Burford and his merry band which included Michael Franck and Elaine (last name?). Benji was involved with practically every single advertising and marketing piece we created during the store’s 17-year run and, by the time we were about halfway through, he and I were finishing each others’ sentences with regard to artistic matters. This simpatico relationship had to weather some rough patches earlier on, however – mainly because I can be one helluva stubborn check-writing client.

Below, what was printed inside of the invitation – designed to resemble a CD jewel case:

Store Preview Invitation_inside

The store officially opened the next day – 29 June 1991.


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