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First Anniversary Party Invitation

5 May 2013

Store date: 26 June 1992

Anniversary Invitation 1_front

This is the invitation distributed to the store’s first anniversary of being in business. It was designed by Ben Burford, of course.

The “T” referred to on the front of the invitation is the intersection of 18th Street South (our street) and 29th Avenue South. For decades upon decades, that intersection had been known as “The Curve,” because 18th Street curved into 29th Avenue. There was no right-angled, stop-signed or traffic-lighted intersection. At the end of 1991, the City of Homewood began a straightening of The Curve into a “T” intersection (traffic fed from only three directions, instead of the standard four). To say that, six months after opening, this was a trial for two guys starting out in a new retail business…well, that would be an understatement of grand proportions. Once we did survive it, though, we felt that we could probably survive anything.

Anniversary Invitation 1_inside 1

We used that image – of a bite taken out of a CD – quite often. We even had a rubber stamp made with that design, which we used to stamp validations on customers’ frequent purchase cards (which we called a Discount Dozen card). There was a similar graphic motif used by the Licorice Pizza record chain when I was growing up. If this design arose out of a suggestion that I had made, that is surely the source of it.

Anniversary Invitation 1_inside 2

More goofy Benji Burford humor on the invitation’s final reveal: “horse divers” to signify hors d’oeuvres. I loved it. I am a sucker for a rebus.

You will also notice our very clever telephone number of 871-DISC, or 871-3472. We also owned a fax number that was 871-EDGE, or 871-3343. You have to think of these things, you know.

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