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Gerry Rosenbaum meets Gil Shaham

17 May 2013

Store date: 20 October 1997

Gerry Rosenbaum_Gil Shaham_102097_1

(photo: Don Harbor)

I was sad to hear recently of the death of Gerald Rosenbaum, who was a member of the violin section of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra here in Birmingham for over thirty years. Gerry visited Laser’s Edge on a few occasions, always checking out the classical new releases and paying extra close attention to the ever-changing inventory on the spinning Naxos rack (as was the habit of many of our most enthusiastic classical music buffs).

On October 20th of 1997, violinist Gil Shaham and his accompanist, pianist Akira Eguchi, paid a visit to the store en route to a recital in Tuscaloosa the following evening. Gerry and his wife showed up to meet Gil, and were captured in the moment by our friend, patron and unofficial store photographer, Don Harbor.

Gerry Rosenbaum_Gil Shaham_102097_2

(photo: Don Harbor)

I remember Gerry being particularly excited to see the 1699 Countess Polignac Stradivarius violin which Gil rarely lets out of his reach. Later during this visit, Gil did bring the Strad out of its case briefly – though, sadly, not for a performance – and Gerry was there to examine it up close.

Rest in peace amid violin-wielding angels, Gerry.

[As with practically every other image on this website, you may click-through twice to see a larger version of these photographs.]

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