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Fifth Anniversary Party Invitation

23 May 2013

Store date: 12 July 1996

Anniversary Invitation 5_front

The invitation to our Fifth Anniversary shindig was a postcard with the graphic element on the front in color and the party information on the back in black and white.

The color design is a variation on the booklet cover for our very first CD Sampler. The Sampler was meant to tie in to this event so that we could distribute the first copies of the disc at the gathering, but I am almost totally positive that it was delayed and finished later. Regardless, this was a good marketing tool for it. The design was created primarily by Michael Franck at Ben Burford’s Dynatype, from a simple concept of mine, which was to mimic the iconic “Love” postage stamp from the early 1970s. The black and white side of the postcard featured a design that resembled the disc art from that CD Sampler.

I recall that the most difficult aspect of finalizing the design seemed to be getting the text to fit within the space just right; my persnickety ways had Michael revising the circular text and then revising it again, and then again. You can see by reading the two inner circles of text that we had to be creative with it. I’ve admitted before that I define “exasperating client,” and this was one of the defining endeavors.

Anniversary Invitation 5_back

We were also discovering that having the anniversary party so close to the 4th of July meant that attendance would be low, despite the fact that those earlier party dates were closer to the actual anniversary date. This event was planned a week later, after the big holiday was past.


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