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First Anniversary Sale Flyer

27 May 2013

Store date: 30 June 1992

Anniversary Sale Flyer_1_mailing side

What good is an anniversary at retail without a sale?! I guess that is what we were thinking. First, a party; then a sale.

While I will admit that the discounts here don’t seem too extravagant, 10% off of the selling price was a pretty large chunk of our profit. We were purchasing all of our product at this point from “one-stop” distributors, and rarely had a regular-price margin more than 25 to 28 percent. A couple of years later, when we began purchasing direct from the major distribution groups (Sony, Polygram, EMI, et cetera), our margin improved significantly.

Judging from the consistent Honeymooners theme, I am guessing that this 8½-inch by 5½-inch flyer was created by Ben Burford, who loves his cultural kitsch. There are no less than four solid verbal references to the classic Jackie Gleason/Art Carney television show in this ad.

Anniversary Sale Flyer_1_info side


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