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Alys Stephens Center Discography 1999-2000

29 May 2013

Store date: 15 October 1999

ASC discography_1999-2000_first flap

Have you ever left a musical performance and, on the way home, thought: I sure would like to have a recording of that artist to listen to whenever I please? And then searched in vain for it, fruitlessly? And then someone reminds you that there was a table at the venue selling CDs by the artist, and that they were sold out at intermission? And now you’re still wondering: Where can I find that artist’s music, and which ones are the best?

That’s where we came in to the picture.

The Alys Stephens Center opened during our fifth year of business, on the neighboring campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We had already begun creating discographies for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s seasons – distributed with the subscribers’ ticket packets, at their concerts, and in our store – and doing the same for the ASC’s very (at that time) classically-oriented series seemed completely logical. Thankfully, the administrators at the Stephens Center thought it was a good idea, too.

ASC discography_1999-2000_second flap

There were some really BIG names during this season, as seen in the lineup below: Itzhak Perlman, Burt Bacharach, Arlo Guthrie. But some of the most unusual moments belonged to the lesser-knowns. Quartetto Gelato featured the standard cello and violin (played by a tenor who would occasionally break into song), as well as a clarinet and an accordion player. And, when a water main break (we were told, but it turned out to be nothing) required the evacuation of the 1,300-seat Jemison Concert Hall, classical guitarist Sharon Isbin pleaded with the audience, from the stage, not to leave the building without first stopping at her merch table in the lobby and purchasing one of her CDs. (I mean, who cares if a falling beam hits you on your way out the door? At least you would be able to die happy, clutching a copy of Journey to the Amazon in your lifeless mitt!)

ASC discography_1999-2000_inside

I would like to say that we continued this tradition of creating discographies for several years with the ASC. Fact is, I don’t remember if we did. If found, they will be posted here.

Also, at about this time, I joined the advisory board of the Center, where I served for several years, primarily as a consultant on their programming.


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