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A “Suggested” Jazz Top 10 List

16 November 2013

Store date: post-2000

Jazz Top 10 sale list_order card back
I would always have a little fun when it came time to put together promotions, especially when it allowed the store to practice its role as a purveyor of “taste.” Fact is, we all listened to a LOT of music, so it made sense that we might be able to tell customers which albums were worth their time both objectively and subjectively. These ten discs were most likely arrayed along the sale wall near the front door of the store, and got plenty of coveted in-store air time during (and surely after) the promotional period.

This list was scribbled on the back of an order card (which helped me narrow down the century it occurred in, as there were no 20th century laserdisc ordering options on the front of the card). Not much else to say about it, except that by today’s standards, it is comprised entirely of classic but timeless jazz, and one of my personal all-time favorite albums (Dave Brubeck’s Time Out).

Here’s the list, in fonts – and links, for your listening pleasure:

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