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Matt Nathanson in-store photos

16 December 2013

Store date: 8 November 2003

Matt Nathanson in-store 110803a

Matt Nathanson had been getting lots of play on Reg’s Coffeehouse around this time. We were offered an in-store with him, and I accepted knowing next to nothing about him outside of the two or three tracks I’d heard on the radio. And we were carrying the When Everything Meant Everything EP that Scott Register had been borrowing the songs from.

Matt Nathanson in-store 110803b

Matt arrived with a cello player named Matt Fish, a very pleasant and mellow gentleman.

Matt Nathanson in-store 110803c

I have never, before or since, seen a performer manipulate the microphone with his nose. I imagined that Matt does this to orient himself while he is singing with his eyes closed. Or perhaps it was just a learned habit. Either way: no harm done, and we were all quite amused.

It was an extremely energetic and soulful set.

Matt Nathanson in-store 110803d

What I remember most from this event is that, after the performance, Matt sought me out to pick my brain about music retail. He was very interested in how the business was doing, how we did our promotions, what kinds of music we were selling and enjoyed listening to at the store. I could now count 20% of the digits of one of my hands and have a number equal to the quantity of visiting artists who gave a whit about what or how the store was doing. (That may not be fair to Josh Ritter, or the Hem folks: Josh always asked me for musical recommendations when I would see him, as did Dan Messé of Hem. Always.)

There are more photos from this event, somewhere. And, as always, click through on each photo twice to see a fuller-than-full size version.


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